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Climate Change demonstrates once more how insignificant the artificial borders we have established as a society really are, when the livelihood of our entire planet, and thus our own species, is at stake. The UFM media library collects the most important audiovisual contributions to the global discourse about the climate crisis, because we believe striving for real climate Justice means everyone needs to be heard.

Feel free to browse our different curated Playlists with educational, artistic and news content, differentiated in Institutional and personal Sources. If you are looking for something specific, use our Advanced Search. Also consider submitting a film that you think deserves to be in this collection.

Have we missed a great film?
Didn't pay attention to an important statement online?

Then by all means please send us a link to a climate-change-related film (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). We will review each film and then include the best ones into the Media Library.

If you want to send us a downloadable link (WeTransfer, Google Drive) of your own climate-change-related film, please include a statement of approval that we may incorporate it into the Media Library.

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