What are we looking for ?

All films must be directly or indirectly related to this year’s festival theme CLIMATE CHANGE. Films should be subtitled in English.

– For documentaries and reports, we require a minimum length of 5 minutes.

– For short feature films, animated films or commercials, it may also be shorter.

– Films that address a specific aspect of our theme

– Geographical diversity in order to represent as many different perspectives as possible.

– particularly emotional or entertaining films

– films that are particularly successful on the net

– scientific contributions from universities and research institutions

– films that contribute to broadening cultural horizons

– films that can be used for educational purposes

– films by professional filmmakers as well as by self-taught filmmakers

– Films that shine a light on minorities or socially disadvantaged people.

– Films that break down prejudices and cultural barriers and contribute to a better intercultural understanding.

– Films that look into the future

– Films about the heroes of our society

– Films that show solutions

– Films that address social phenomena

– Films by state institutions

– Films that juxtapose different perspectives / attitudes