War For Water: What Happens When Asia’s Rivers Dry Up?

By 2025, half the world's population will lack access to freshwater. For millions across Asia, this is already a reality. We turn the spotlight to three countries: Vietnam's Mekong Delta is in the grip of the most severe water shortage in living memory. Declaring a state of emergency, the local government have begun transporting freshwater into the worst affected areas. Over 24 hours, we follow a young durian farmer, Ms. Nho as she races to keep her small farm alive. This emergency water is her family's final lifeline. In Singapore, urban fish farmers are forced to conserve the water they have, as they strive to protect Singapore's food security in an increasingly unpredictable climate. In Jakarta, people's daily search for water is threatening the megacity's very existence. Over-extraction of groundwater is causing the city to sink by up to 25cm a year. We follow two well-diggers as they manually install a 12-metre well at a residential property - but at what cost?

Source: CNA/Mediacorp.
Director: Leo Gizzi
Length: 00:47:56
Country: India
Language: English
Date: 19.09.2020