Why The United States Is Killing The World

In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at how United States imperialism is causing climate change and killing the world. Specifically, I look at how the United States is responsible for a large amount of the world's cumulative emissions, the birthplace of the oil industry, and now fosters a growing natural gas industry. While the United States has promised substantial. emissions cuts, they are too slow and too late. The United States' imperialist endeavors abroad have also worked to destabilize regions and prevent resilience in the face of climate change. From protecting oil fields and fossil fuel interests in the Gulf and Iraq Wars to various attempted coups, United States imperialism has made it that much harder to deal with climate change. In addition, United States-backed sanctions have also dealt crushing blows to countries try to build resilience in the face of COVID-19 and the climate crisis. In short, driven by profit and territorial expansion, the United States is not only causing climate change but also making it worse for those on the frontlines.

Source: Our Changing Climate
Length: 12:59
Country: United States
Language: English
Date: 27.08.2021