Saving Pond Hockey

Svante is a father of two and lives in Helsinki, Finland. Every Monday, he plays pond hockey with his friends on an outdoor rink near his home. One of his friends is Steve Baynes, a native Canadian. Both of them share a deep love for the game. But over the years of playing, they realized that the hockey season was changing. Due to climate change, winters in Finland are getting warmer and shorter. But Svante and Steve didn’t want to just sit on the bench and do nothing. Instead, they founded an NGO called ‘Save Pond Hockey’. They organize tournaments around Finland to raise awareness of climate change and encourage action – using hockey as their language. They want to show people why it’s important to save the roots of the game. And on a bigger scale, they want to do their part in the fight against climate change.

Director: Jonas Julian Köck
Length: 09:22
Country: Germany
Language: English
Date: 25.11.2020