Possible World

Possible World is a painted animation inspired by interviews conducted with over 100 everyday individuals across Ethiopia. In a series of beautiful and dynamic scenes, Wube brings to life his subjects’ dreams for a regenerative world, starting with existing practices that benefit both communities and the environment. Wube presents this collective vision to audiences around the world as a model for our shared future. Fast Forward is a series of short films that explore five artists’ dreams for a regenerative world. Featuring over 300 global voices, the films have been made by artists from Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States. The series explores a future that is fair and regenerative, realized through global collaboration and the centering of historically marginalized groups. It intends to reframe the prevailing political rhetoric on climate change, grounding the narrative in the lived experience and voice of global citizens. Our aim is that these artworks help to turn an often data-driven and technically heavy conversation surrounding the global energy crisis into an open, intimate dialogue, creating accessible stories and new motivation for global change. Commissioned and produced by Little Sun, the project has been stewarded by an advisory board composed of global leaders in climate and art. The films will form the foundation of an experimental curriculum for 16-18 year olds that will roll out in Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States in Autumn 2021.

Source: Little Sun
Director: Ezra Wube
Length: 00:03:13
Country: Germany
Language: English
Date: 15.07.2021