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Special offer

All filmmakers can access the vast music library of our festival partner Extreme Music free of charge for their short film. Please note the details on our homepage.

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These are the guidelines you have to consider:

  • the films are used in the context of UFM activities (online and offline)
  • UFM’s activities also include the production and use of compilations of the films or other adaptations for new productions under the UFM label
  • for the submission of a film at other festivals, the participant pays a one-time special fee of 99 € per film to Extreme Music
  • on YouTube (including YouTube embedded postings) the films can also be shown independently
  • Independent use of the films is also possible if the user/user has his own framework agreement (e.g. YouTube or ZDF)
  • the films may be placed on the participant’s (filmmaker’s) own homepage and social media channels for the purpose of self-promotion if the movie is relinked to a platform which has its own agreement with a collecting society (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • if a participant intends to use a film in any other way, he/she must clarify the music rights with Extreme Music beforehand and, if necessary, acquire a license to be negotiated
  • the films can be used worldwide and for an unlimited period
  • a commercial use of the films for sponsors, brand names, articles and the like as well as the production of music videos is not permitted and would require separate remuneration

To access the library, participants must create an account under:

Fill in the following:

Company: UFM
Company Type: Freelancer
Title/Position: UFM Filmmaker

The offer is valid until 31.03.2022 (deadline for submissions to the festival)