How Russia Ukraine conflict affect Climate change

Everyone currently keeps looking at Russia vs Ukraine War news. This video is about the impact this war is having on environment and how it is contributing to global warming. It does not talk about the Russia Ukraine War in general, just the consequences on nature. We all know that many countries come together for various climate summits and proclaim that fossil fuel use should be reduced. But we are so deep into fossil fuels that the moment we stop using them, it would be a complete blackout. We won't have electricity and neither will our vehicles run. It would be a complete chaos. So the transition from fossil fuel to renewables is a slow one. Among fossil fuels, coal releases the maximum amount of Co2 per unit of energy. So till the time we could build the technology and infrastructure for renewable energy, countries decided to shift from coal to oil and gas. As Russia had huge reserves of oil and natural gas, it became an important supplier for the same. This is how the global dependency on Russia began. And due to the outbreak of recent Russia Ukraine War, there is a reduction in supply which has lead to increase in price. This has made the different countries aware of their vulnerability of dependence on Russia. To avoid this, they have started to reverse the shift from coal to oil, which would have severe effect on the already increasing temperatures.

Source: Earthlings
Length: 00:03:30
Country: United States
Language: English
Date: 26.02.2022