Sink Or Swim? Asia’s Sinking Villages Engulfed By Rising Seas | The Longest Day | Climate Change

By 2050, rising sea levels will flood 200 million people's homes across the globe. For thousands across Asia, this is already a reality. In this episode, we travel to some of the worst affected places on Asia's coastline, spending 24 hours with the families living at the whim of an unpredictable ocean. Every day, from the Bay of Bengal to Java Island, families are facing flooding, storms, dwindling fish stocks and waterborne diseases. From dawn to dusk, we witness the resilience of those fighting on the frontlines. Villagers build their houses on stilts, intrepid doctors travel on boat clinics, and families plant entire mangrove forests, growing natural sea walls on their doorsteps. For some, it is too late. We meet climate migrants working menial jobs Kolkata, forced to flee after their farm was decimated by floods. Every day, the tide rises higher, storms get stronger and oceans get warmer. Will those that live by the coasts adapt or are they facing a losing battle?

Source: CNA Insider
Length: 45:45
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Date: 19.09.2020