Bangladesh’s Climate Refugees: Can They Fight The Rising Sea

Over the last decade, nearly 700,000 Bangladeshis were displaced each year by natural disasters. During the rainy season, more than one-fifth of the country can be flooded at once and there is very little escape from gushing waters for the 165 million population. In 2017 monsoon season, the country faced some of the worst flooding in their history. Thousands of homes and rice crops were destroyed, and families were left struggling to afford food. And the situation is expected to get worse in years to come. By 2050, nearly 13 million people are expected to be displaced due to the rise of its sea level which is projected to rise 1.5 meters.   Insight journeys into the lives of some of the most ordinary people in Bangladesh to provide a micro perspective to the challenges of climate change. Can a poor country like Bangladesh withstand and cope with the worsening impact of the climate crisis? How can it ensure it leaves no one behind in its fight against climate change?

Source: CNA Insider
Length: 47:32
Country: Bangladesh
Language: English
Date: 17.08.2021