Climate Change In Guatemala: Between Starvation And Migration

Agriculture is a critical industry in Guatemala, but climate change is leading to deteriorating crop conditions and periods of intense drought. Experts warn this could exacerbate the issue of food insecurity, with so many already struggling. NBC News’ Meagan Fitzgerald meets a farmer who is struggling to provide for his family, and a group of mothers who fear their children could be in danger of malnutrition. Almost 50 percent of all children in the country under the age of five suffer from malnutrition. Many face the difficult choice of going hungry or trying to flee. Poverty and food insecurity are as prevalent in Northern Guatemala as they are in the South, but being closer to the Mexican border offers a more feasible path to the U.S. for those hoping to escape famine and provide for their families.

Source: NBC News
Length: 12:16
Country: Guatemala
Language: English
Date: 17.12.2021