The pandemic has shown us, that we learn and and have to live a new form of solidarity. If we see multi­perspectives, it will open ourself to under­stand other cultures and to feel empathy for other people. Watch films we are collecting from all over the world, which are worthy to be seen.

We acknowledged and under­stood that the pandemic was a pivotal point in human history, which we wanted to document and archive, not only for the next, but also future generations. Always aiming to cross the cultural barrier, we hope to broaden people’s horizons and encourage them to start to think how we can contri­bute to make a better world.


Films from verifiable sources.


Creative Films from directors around the world.

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Unified Filmmakers Talks

In the Unified Filmmakers Talks, we had the pleasure to weekly invite fellow filmmakers from around the world to discuss the state of the film industry before, during and after the pandemic.

Confined Education

The Covid-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented global shutdown that closed schools, universities and daycare centers for months. This collection of videos explores how these months of homeschooling and absence of classroom-based education have affected students and parents from all over the world.

2020: A Year in Review

The Covid-19 outbreak is one of the many events that have made 2020 a year of tumultuous, world-changing and momentous change. Take a look back on the unprecedented events that defined this paradigm-shifting year.

Vaccines: Scientific Milestone in the Fight Against Covid-19

From biotech companies to RNA and efficacy rates: have a look at this collection of videos explaining everything you need to know about vaccines.

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Coping Through Humor & Creativity

Beyond the number of deaths and the economic impact of the pandemic, humor and creativity were two of the most frequent and widely used strategies to soften grief, make sense of the situation and adapt to it. Here we collect creative and comedic expressions that contributed to making the day-to-day more bearable and lighten the mood.

Latin America

Back To "Normal"?

What will the end of the pandemic look like? Will we ever go back to "normal"? This collection of videos attests to what a "post-covid" world might look like.

Unified Filmmakers Festival Submissions

In the 2021 edition of our Unified Filmmakers Festival, we called filmmakers from all over the world to tell us how Covid-19 affected their lives. More than 500 filmmakers from over 47 countries told us their story about the pandemic. Have a look at these cinematic portrayals of a pandemic that changed the world.

Climate Change In North America

North America has more capacity to adapt to climate change than most other continents. ... Coastal development and pollution will interact with climate change impacts to stress coastal communities and habitats. Storm impacts are likely to be more severe, thanks to rising sea levels, along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.


The Science Behind Covid-19

How does Covid-19 affect the brain? What are the disease's origin? Is there a "natural immunity" to the virus? This collection will help you understand the virus from a scientific point of view by exploring the latest scientific research on the topic.

Empty Cities of the World

Have a look at this collection of footage of ghost towns during the lockdown.

North America

Asia: How Covid-19 Changed the Asian Continent

As the first area of the world hit by the outbreak, the Asian continent underwent momentous shifts. While some areas weathered the storm relatively well, others faced the world's highest confirmed Covid-19 cases. Have a glimpse into the voices and views from within the continent.