The pandemic has shown us, that we learn and and have to live a new form of solidarity. If we see multi­perspectives, it will open ourself to under­stand other cultures and to feel empathy for other people. Watch films we are collecting from all over the world, which are worthy to be seen.

We acknowledged and under­stood that the pandemic was a pivotal point in human history, which we wanted to document and archive, not only for the next, but also future generations. Always aiming to cross the cultural barrier, we hope to broaden people’s horizons and encourage them to start to think how we can contri­bute to make a better world.


Films from verifiable sources.


Creative Films from directors around the world.

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Unified Filmmakers Talks

In the Unified Filmmakers Talks, we had the pleasure to weekly invite fellow filmmakers from around the world to discuss the state of the film industry before, during and after the pandemic.

The Science Behind Covid-19

How does Covid-19 affect the brain? What are the disease's origin? Is there a "natural immunity" to the virus? This collection will help you understand the virus from a scientific point of view by exploring the latest scientific research on the topic.

Confined Education

The Covid-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented global shutdown that closed schools, universities and daycare centers for months. This collection of videos explores how these months of homeschooling and absence of classroom-based education have affected students and parents from all over the world.

The Beginning

What happened from the first reports of pneumonia cases in Wuhan in December 2019 to the spread of the virus to nearly every country? What happened in these crucial first months? This video collection intends to retrace the early days if the pandemic.

Middle East And North Africa

Unified Filmmakers Special Screenings

In the "Special Screenings" series, we weekly shared unique films that resonated with the highlighted theme from our festival through their lightheartedness, originality or humor. This year's festival topic was the Coronavirus pandemic - have a look at these works that were very near and dear to our team's hearts.


Some people risked their career, livelihood and personal safety to publicly expose harms, abuses and serious wrongdoings during the Covid-19 crisis. In this collection of videos, you will learn more about whistleblowers who put their own lives on the line to protect others during this pandemic.

India: COVID-19 Disaster

India's second wave of the pandemic has exposed the shortages of the healthcare system, leaving hospitals in need for oxygen and cremation sites desperately running out of space. Have a look at this collection to learn more about India's Covid disaster.

Corona Awareness

Can you catch Covid twice? How does the virus spread outdoors? This collection of creative works and media reports contributed to the understanding of the virus, its prevention methods and ways of transmission.


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Conspiracy Theories

From a human-made virus manufactured in a Chinese laboratory to Bill Gates' secret plot to rule the world - online misinformation and conspiracist narratives were on the rise since the beginning of the outbreak. These videos explore everything you need to know about the most prominent conspiracy theories during the pandemic.

2020: A Year in Review

The Covid-19 outbreak is one of the many events that have made 2020 a year of tumultuous, world-changing and momentous change. Take a look back on the unprecedented events that defined this paradigm-shifting year.

North America

Artists in Need

With the shutting down of public spaces to slow the spread of Covid-19, artists, performers and cultural organizations were deeply impacted by the pandemic. Have a glimpse into the stories that showcase their hopes and fears.

Latin America

Covid in Shanghai 2022

Unified Filmmakers Talks

In the Unified Filmmakers Talks, we had the pleasure to weekly invite fellow filmmakers from around the world to discuss the state of the film industry before, during and after the pandemic.

Unified Filmmakers Festival Submissions

In the 2021 edition of our Unified Filmmakers Festival, we called filmmakers from all over the world to tell us how Covid-19 affected their lives. More than 500 filmmakers from over 47 countries told us their story about the pandemic. Have a look at these cinematic portrayals of a pandemic that changed the world.