We Don’t Care

If current generations don’t care about the future of our planet, who will? We Don’t Care,” the newest video collaboration by FRED & FARID and Fridays for Future U.S. asks if we don’t care about climate, who will? Launching alongside the March 25 Global Strike, “We Don’t Care” reminds its audience that the climate crisis is not being treated like the crisis it is. If our leaders and those in power don’t care, we won’t be able to bypass the worst climate affects. Climate is a racial justice issue. Climate is a gender issue. Climate is a socioeconomic issue. Climate is a threat to disabled communities, and continues to amplify current systems and structures of oppression. Climate is everywhere, and we must act on it now.

Source: Fridays for Future U.S.
Director: Fred & Farid
Length: 00:01:30
Country: United States
Language: English
Date: 21.03.2022