About the festival

Our festival will be a platform for everybody’s voice. Now is the time to create change. Now is the time for stories, to make us think about who we are, where we come from and where we want to go. We are creating a network of unified creators.

We want to entertain, criticise, challenge, be sad, laugh and make you think twice.

We want to entertain, we want to criticise, we want to challenge, we want to be sad, we want to laugh and we want to make you think twice. We want to unify and interact in a period of time where this is possible in unprecedented ways and in ways we haven’t tried before.

It’s impossible without you and your films!


Everyone can participate

We value good films, no matter if you are a professional filmmaker or an enthusiastic amateur.

Democratic Voting process

Every submitted film has to be rated by at least five judges. In addition, for the entirety of May,  the audience has a direct vote to determine the Audience Award winner.

Jury Voting

Our films are seen for the entirety of May by a jury of established international filmmakers. The three best films of each category will be awarded with the Jury Award.

All winners on the big screen

The winners of both categories will be awarded and presented in front of an audience at FILMFEST MUNICH.

We are an interactive festival

The filmmakers and their films are our community. Everybody who wants to take part is welcome to join our team. 

A variety of curated films will  journey to our partner festivals

After the physical screening, a special selection of our festival films will take a journey around the world for a year to our partner festivals. Our goal: To present your films to a broad international audience.

A commercial perspective for your films

We want your films to be successful. Therefore, we will act as an intermediary between you and TV stations and streaming platforms, to connect you to a possible commercial outlet. 

Prospective UFM feature film

We are setting our goals high: If you grant us permission, we want to create a feature film from your shorts, made by a group of your film peers from around the world. All potential profits will be shared based on the material used. Please inquire for more information.

We are always looking for new members for our UFM family. 
We heartly invite you to contact us at info@unifiedfilmmakers.com.