Saving Citarum: Indonesia’s Fight To Clean ‘Dirtiest River In The World’ | Once Upon A River

The Citarum River is dubbed as the dirtiest river in the world. Majalaya's factories have dumped roughly 280 tons of chemical waste into this critical waterbody every day. Despite its dilapidated condition, its waters irrigate farmlands which feed 30 million people across West Java. This is why the Indonesian government is trying to save the Citarum. We embed with the Indonesian military on Operation Citarum Harum, a multi-million dollar cleanup operation that aims to transform this 270 kilometer long river back to its former glory. On this journey, we film with environmental activists on the frontlines fighting against illegal chemical discharge in their bid to reverse damage to the region's ecology. In this battle to balance economic development and impending climate change, we discover factory owners investing in the future of sustainable waste disposal and individuals using artificial intelligence to save the Citarum.

Source: CNA Insider
Length: 48:29
Country: Indonesia
Language: English
Date: 20.02.2021