Natari, translated from Sindhi as ‘anchor’, tells the story of the potential conflict caused by climate migration, the continued use of the illegalized bullho net by the powerful, and its impact on local fisher communities and families such as that of Ayoub Sehto in the endangered Indus Delta region. Fisherman, artist, and political activist Ayoub Sehto and his educated yet unemployed son are stranded with their family on the inhospitable island of Kharo Chan in the shrinking and sinking Indus Delta. Due to climate change caused by heavy damming on the river, illegal fishing nets being used by those with influence, the Kharo Chan Island has lost its previous ecosystem, is devoid of drinking water & fishing opportunities - therefore its inhabitants struggle to migrate to a mainland city for a better life and possibility for a livelihood.

Source: Jawad Sherif Films
Director: Jawad Sharif / Haroon Araz
Length: 00:45:00
Country: Pakistan
Language: English
Date: 07.06.2021