Who Wants to Live Forever


  • Who Wants To Live Forever - YouTube
  • UFM 2022 Festival Honorable Mention 1-5 Minutes 
  • Synopsis: A global film collaboration from universities and colleges from around the world showing the state of our planet. Based on the Queen song "Who wants to live forever" and released for the Save Me Trust by guitarist Brian May , this video created by students from all five continents shows the devastation our precious planet faces. Music courtesy by Queen Music ltd
  • Director Biography: He has worked on many animated television series, feature films, music videos, corporate videos. He is a lecturer at the European Institute of Design in Milan and has created workshops on animated cinema on behalf of the International Monetary Fund, Rai Fiction and the Science Festival. For several years he has been making projects, videos, documentaries and even animated films with schools. In 2021, on the occasion of the centenary of Luzzati's birth, he signed the documentary LELE - The magical world of Emanuele Luzzati. Among the various awards obtained, the 2015 film / docufilm project dRAW not WAR received the Medal from the President of the Italian Republic Mattarella and the support of U2 and Pearl Jam who, exceptionally, granted the use of three of their historians songs. In November 2021, a video made by him for the song “Who wants to live forever” by Queen and for Brian May's Save me Trust was presented on the social channels of Queen and Brian May.
  • Director Statement: Being able to work with Brian May was a great honour, just think that when I was 15, in 1986, after seeing “Highlander” in a summer open cinema, I was struck by the music of Queen and in a short time. First I and Brian chose the song to use and after a few titles, we agreed on “Who wants to live forever” which seemed to us the most suitable. Just the song that had made me discover Queen! Having a Queen song as the basis for the video meant giving an absolutely international reach to the project and so I thought of involving animation schools from every continent.We started working practically just as the world fell under the coronavirus curse. All the students were at home and we had several calls. We also opened a private working group on Facebook so that everyone could see the different work phases of each group. The guys and the teachers were great. They put a lot of effort into it and the result is very professional. I could see how the topic was really felt by these guys.A great group has been created, with people from all over the world and this is really a strong point! I hope that this video can be seen by as many people as possible and that it can contribute in its own way to a change, to a greater awareness. There is no future on this planet without respect for our animal friends and their environment. It is certainly a question of love, but also of foresight and survival.
  • Director: Matteo Valenti
  • Producer: Save me Trust

Length: 05:00
Country: Italy
Language: No Dialog
Date: 11.07.2022