Climate Change – Can Reducing Waste and Recycling Curb Global Warming and Climate Change?

Do our buying habits really affect climate change and global warming? Can we reduce the impact that our buying habits have on global warming and climate change by addressing our buying habits and how we discard our rubbish? What happens to our rubbish once it leaves our dustbin? These are just some of the questions we asked the Manx public. In this video, Paddy Lewis the owner of ASK BUCK RECYCLING talks to us about ways you can make your rubbish more recyclable. The message from this video is, separate your rubbish before you dispose of it. He tells us about how easy it is to recycle especially post covid with out online buying habits. He shows us some of the issues recycling companies such as Ask Buck face in the fight to curb global warming and climate change.

Source: Climate Change Solutions
Length: 00:03:24
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Date: 13.08.2021