Filmmakers of Children's Visions

Edition 2023: Education is Essential

Matilde Simas is a visual journalist based in Boston. She graduated from Suffolk University with a BS in Psychology and Women’s Study and attended Rhode Island School Design to study digital photography. Matilde’ works as a photographer, guided by her primary role of humanitarian, has taken her around the globe. Her work’s primary focus is human rights, with the goal being to leverage storytelling to inform, provoke discussion, and ultimately inspire action.  She achieves this through public speaking and exhibiting her work in galleries and public spaces. 

Matilde Simas

Filmmaker and Founder of “Capture Humanity”

Bia Goldenberg is one of the directors for the Brazilian part of Childrens Visions education.

Bia Goldenberg

Director, Producer

Matheus Ramalho  is one of the directors for the Brazilian part of Childrens Visions education.

Matheus Ramalho

Director, Producer

Duncan Longden, is a commercial photographer/videographer from the UK who is currently based and working out of Taiwan. He has spent many years involved in the industry and has great experience having worked with all kinds of clients from individuals all the way through to some of the world's largest brands.

Duncan Longden

Photographer, Filmmaker

Iryna Prudkova (Harikova) is a director and producer living in the region of Donetsk, Ukraine. Since 9 years  living and working  there under dangerous circumstances, made her a very strong woman. In her sunny sides of life, she shot for the Oscars, Cannes & Berlinale.

At Unified Filmmakers, she is responsible for the ukrainian part - Donbass & Ternopil - of Childrens Visions Education. 

Iryna Prudkova

Director, Producer

Willie Workman Oga is an actor, an award winning filmmaker and artist of the movie The Widow's Son, The Plastic Collector, Mother Nature music video, Rape of Justice, voice over artist, music video/ documentary director whose works have spanned over 20 years. Some of his production credits includes a documentary for Ports and Terminal Operations Nig Ltd, Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc, EmzorPharmaceutical Plc, Shonibare Estates Ltd, and the OSUN OSHOGBO festival. 
As a Nollywood actor Willie workman has acted in 28 blockbuster movies namely Fullmoon 1 part 1 and 2, Deadlock, Sisters on the run, Day Break, just to mention a few.

Willie Workman Oga

Filmmaker, Musician, Founder of  Adwef Foundation

Mikias Mulugeta is a director living in Addis Ababa, working as a festival director for the ethiopian part of FOCUS ON ABILITY. 

He is also founder of IDEAL PLATFORM.

Mikias Mulugeta

Producer and Director of
“Focus on Ability”

Yogi Tujuliarto is a journalist, film maker, climate change believer. He has been working as a journalist since 2006 and specializes in news investigating, in-depth reporting & live report. He has made some stories about borders peoples, mining, palm oil plantation, fish industries, biodiversity, and other social issues.

He has traveled across Indonesia and some overseas countries, from the beauty under the Indonesia sea to the top of Indonesia summit in Jayawijaya mountain. He has made some short documentary films that were granted as nominees and also considered the best in the world.

Yogi Tujuliarto

Journalist, Filmmaker