Tomorrow Today

Directed by BAFTA winning director Colin O’Toole (Cowboy Dave, 2018), Tomorrow Today tells the story of Arthur and his grandson Jack facing the unprecedented Storm Ruby, which has the potential to knock out multiple utility services and threaten lives. It demonstrates the importance of collaborating through connected digital twins to adapting to the climate emergency.

The film stars Paul Copley (Last Tango in Halifax, Downton Abbey), Sam Bottomley (Ladhood, Wolf Hall), the voice of Sam Spruell (Snow White and the Huntsman), and Hopi Grace (Time, Emmerdale) as Clara, the digital twin engineer. It has been produced by Crocodile Media in partnership with Little Monk Pictures. The film premiered during COP26.

Collaboration by sharing useful data across organisational boundaries is essential to tackling climate change​. CReDo is a pioneering project to develop, for the first time in the UK, a digital twin across key services networks to provide a practical example of how connected-data and greater access to the right information can improve climate adaptation and resilience.

CReDo looks specifically at the impact of extreme weather, in particular flooding, on energy, water and telecoms networks. It demonstrates how those who own and operate them can use secure, resilient, information sharing, across sector boundaries, to mitigate the effect of flooding on network performance and service delivery to customers.

Source: Cambridge Centre for Digital Built Britain
Director: Cowboy Dave
Length: 00:06:21
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Date: 02.11.2021