Filmmakers of Children's Visions

Edition 2024:

Matilde Simas is a visual journalist based in Boston. She graduated from Suffolk University with a BS in Psychology and Women’s Study and attended Rhode Island School Design to study digital photography. Matilde’ works as a photographer, guided by her primary role of humanitarian, has taken her around the globe. Her work’s primary focus is human rights, with the goal being to leverage storytelling to inform, provoke discussion, and ultimately inspire action.  She achieves this through public speaking and exhibiting her work in galleries and public spaces. 

Matilde Simas

Filmmaker and Founder of CAPTURE HUMANITY 

Ssembatya Ibrah is filmmaker and photographer: he was trained under little big talents academy. He is the founder of Depik Productions, which does films and photography. Moreover he´s also the founder and Director of Yimusa ministries,  an organisation that helps orphans and vulnerable children. 

Ibrah Ssembatya

Photographer Filmmaker

Edna Sierra  is an artist and filmmaker committed to creating stories that have a positive impact on society. Her experience in the field of cinema, including work as a director, producer, and screenwriter, has allowed her to reflect on how art and cinema can be used as tools to raise awareness about social issues and promote change. In 2017, she is one of the founders of Animal Films, a production company based in Medellín, Colombia, with the mission of telling stories that reflect the conflicts of their country, has experienced and promoted reflection and dialogue. Since then, she has worked on the production of documentaries and fiction stories that address socially relevant issues and use her voice as a producer to support projects that seek to have a positive impact on society.

Edna Sierra

Director, Producer,

Jalaluddin Mughal is an independent journalist and filmmaker hailing from Neelum Valley in Pakistan administered part of Jammu and Kashmir, a conflict ridden former princely state. For years, Mughal has covered human rights and migrations in Kashmir caused by conflict and climate change. His work appeared in prestigious publications including The New York Times. 

Jalaluddin Mughal

Journalist Filmmaker

Daphne Tolis is an award-winning documentary producer/filmmaker and multimedia storyteller based in Athens, Greece. She has produced, hosted and directed documentaries for VICE, EBU/ERT, MSF, IFRC among others. She has also worked as a researcher and field producer in documentaries and TV programs for BBC Newsnight, VICE News Tonight, PBS Newshour, Channel 4, ARTE, ZDF, SVT and VPRO.

Daphne Tolis

Documentary producer, Filmmaker