Harnessing The Sun And Wind: Inside Our Renewable Energy Future | Climate For Change | Ep 2/2

In the second chapter of this two-part documentary series, daring people and enterprises take wind and solar energy to new frontiers across Asia through groundbreaking renewable energy projects.    Deploying renewable energy projects on new terrain or on the sea is challenging but it's transforming the region for good.   The programme features the installation of the world's largest nearshore floating solar energy testbed in seawater, SUNSEAP's 5MW floating solar system on the straits of Johor, north of Singapore. The sea presents new challenges and they must innovate to cope with fluctuating tides, waves, as well as wildlife, in order to send electricity back to the mainland.   The show also features the pioneering work of The Blue Circle, a wind energy company based in Singapore, as their team explores a new wind power site in Cambodia. It also features the development of the first foreign-owned wind farms in Vietnam.  

Source: CNA Insider
Length: 47:39
Country: Cambodia
Language: English
Date: 27.02.2021