Why We Are Going To LOSE The Fight Against Climate Change | You’ll Be Surprised

Have you ever wondered if you are truly playing your part in the fight against climate change?   Have you felt proud that you took a bag when you went to the supermarket or that you helped plant a tree in the neighbourhood or saved a small wood?   Have you ever felt that Europe is leading the fight against climate change?   What is the answers to these questions are drastically different than you might think? What is you are not at all playing your role in the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced? What if you and I are going to be reason why climate change is going to kill this planet soon enough? Because our head is in our a.....   Watch this video and prove me wrong. Hell, write a nasty comment if you are doing more than what is mentioned in the video! I challenge you!!   You'll notice it took me a great amount of time to make this video as this is probably the most important thing we should be talking about in this time. So please share it forward. Cheers :)

Source: Abhisek Kishor
Length: 15:19
Country: United States
Language: English
Date: 06.01.2022