• UFM 2022 Festival Jury Award 1-5 Minutes: 1st Place
  • Synopsis: Walid and his family, who had been having a difficult life in Somalia and had to migrate to Turkey, are sent to Burdur. Walid, facing the drought in Burdur which he ran away from Somalia, is struggling his life, as well.
  • Director Biography: Evrim İnci was born in January 1, 1992 in İzmir. He studied department of Radio, Television and Cinema and he graduated Yaşar University as a top scoring student. Then he started to shoot a documentary film and moved to Antakya under favour of SERVAS International Project for volunteering movie workshop with village children. He shot “Children With A Movie Camera” film and compete more than fourty national and international film festival and won some awards. And then he realized movie workshop and international project for migratory kids in SGDD-ASAM, in UNICEF. Then, he shot a movie “ A Paradoxical Race” which analyzed horse racing culture and now it continues to compete film festivals with this film. In addition, he graduated “Film Design” master student in Dokuz Eylül University and his paper about “Nature and Human Relationship In Movies”. After the graduation, he started to work in TRT Documentary Channel as an executive producer. And he still continues.
  • Director Statement: Due to the civil war and drought in Somalia are forced to migrate to Turkey from where they migrated Walid and his family also began to experience drought. So I tried to tell their story in a universal way. Drought stands as one of the most important problems of the world in the future and I tried to create an impact by raising awareness with this film.
  • Director: Evrim İnci
  • Writer: Derin Su Uysal

Length: 04:20
Country: Turkey
Language: Somali
Date: 08.07.2022