•  UFM 2022 Festival Audience Award 1-5 Minutes: 3rd Place
  • Synopsis: This film is about an unusual friendship, loyalty, about destruction and an ancient tree. We want to tell you this story because we lose our trees every day. Every minute we destroy 21 hectares of our forests world wide. And that despite the fact that forests are important habitats, help to preserve our biodiversity and stabilise our climate. More and more, we humans are disconnecting ourselves from nature. And in the end, we are only harming ourselves.
  • Director Biography: I'm Anne, video editor at WWF. When I was commissioned to make a film about the forest, I did the most obvious thing: I went to the forest. And without a mobile phone, without time pressure, without a goal. I watched the smallest details and was enchanted by the magic of the forest. Maybe I hadn't noticed them so consciously since I was a child.
  • Director Statement: I started looking for forest stories. I found the story "The tree and Love", Osho International Foundation based on Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree". Briefly after, I found the ideal music to this piece: All Humans by Max Richter – and he was so excited by the project that he agreed to permit licence on a charity basis.Finally, Joachim Kerzel gave his beautiful voice to tell the story. I am very grateful for all the support.
  • Director: Anne Thoma
  • Producer: Marco Vollmar, WWF Germany
  • Writer: Shel Silverstein, Anne Thoma

Length: 04:30
Country: Germany
Language: German
Date: 08.07.2022