The Invasive Species That’s Threatening Our Forests | Infestation

In Episode 3 – Forests Under Attack, York University’s Dr. Dawn Bazely examines the invasive species that are threatening our forests, and as a result, our very existence. The Asian Long Horned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer have been the cause of death for billions of trees all across Midwest America and the Eastern seaboard. The Mountain Pine Beetle has killed approximately 50% of the total volume of pine trees in British Columbia. Since the first Burmese Python pet was released in the Everglades in 1979, the population of pythons has since increased to an estimated 180,000. The Kissing Bug causes Chagas disease and is moving north, infesting the canyon in Bisbee, Arizona in its wake. Ticks are major carriers of Lyme Disease and due to global warming, they are now moving northwards.

Source: Earth Stories - Climate Change Documentaries
Length: 45:37
Country: Ecuador
Date: 15.01.2022