Climate Change In The Antarctic | DW Documentary

Few places on Earth are as remote as the German research facility Neumayer Station III. The scientists who work at this outpost in Antarctica are studying the effects of climate change -- under extreme conditions. Journalist Matthias Ebert traveled to the station to find out more about their research. The scientists are particularly concerned about the speed at which Antarctic ice is melting - and its impact on global sea levels. The researchers have also been studying a large colony of emperor penguins that lives near their facility -- to find out more about how these birds are adapting to climate change. Ebert reports on the daily lives of the scientists who work at the Neumayer Station, and how they cope with the extreme weather conditions, isolation, and cramped quarters. They've even managed to grow some of their own food in a greenhouse at the facility. Ebert documents the damaging effect that global warming is having on the Antarctic, and the risk that this poses for the rest of the world.

Source: DW Documentary
Length: 28:25
Country: Germany
Language: English
Date: 07.01.2020