Sink Our CO2 Challenge: Olasoji Fagbola

Climate Reality Leaders mobilised to enter the Sink Our CO2 Challenge, to create and submit short videos that highlight stories of the issues faced by Africa's forests and soils as carbon sinks - and to spotlight the need for ecosystem restoration in an equitable and people-centred approach. Climate Leader Olasoji Fagbola's video discusses the problems facing the state of Africa’s Forest and soils. He outlines the key issues that are grounded on deforestation, burning of fossil fuels and food waste. His video calls on governments to radically adopt policies that will seek to protect Africa’s soils and forests while increasing climate education on the ground along with the key drivers that have led to the ongoing climate emergency. He uses Nigeria as an example and outlines how the oil exploration has affected mangrove forests in Nigeria and how these effects should be a sign on the change that we need to see when considering Africa’s forests and soils.

Source: African Climate Reality Project
Length: 00:02:49
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Date: 28.03.2022