Let me Drown First


  • UFM 2022 Festival Audience Award 1-5 Minutes: 2nd Place
  • Synopsis: Jakarta is going to sink because the land subsides every year 6 to 11 centimeters. One of the reasons is the excessive use of ground water in this city. Lot's of people vulnerable with this situation because they live in the coastal. Khalil is one of them. Everyday his house is submerged by water from the tide of sea. Khalil has to bear the mistake he didn't make. He never uses the ground water.
  • Director Biography: YOGI TUJULIARTO is an experienced and award winning journalist from Indonesia. His credits include a documentary about the Sinking North Coast of Java Island & Ice Melting in Jayawijaya Mountain. He achieved awards in regional competition with a story about Illegal palm oil industry inside a national park & the story about ironic people's life in Indonesia borders. The Environment & Climate crisis is his main issue.
  • Director Statement: LET ME DROWN FIRST is both a short documentary film and a warning to the audience. It has a bold message that climate victims exist. They might be the first to suffer but we will be the next. This film already received “Special Mention of the Urban Climate Crisis Jury”on Megacities ShortDoc Festival, Paris November 2021.

Director: Yogi Tujuliarto
Length: 04:00
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Date: 08.07.2022