Zero Hour Episode 1: Climate Change in China

In the fight against climate change, China has set out to become carbon neutral by 2060. Young people are looking at creative solutions to reach this goal.  At Tsinghua University, students are learning how to become stewards of the earth, through research, policymaking and storytelling.  In Sweden and the United States, we meet Chinese students who are finding creative ways to bridge governments and cultures.  In response to worsening droughts, some are discovering new ways of using data and collecting rainwater in Shenzhen that show the potential of "sponge cities." In Inner Mongolia, an innovative method of growing grass is making one of the largest deserts in China more inhabitable.  All across the country, renewable energy -- from solar to shore power -- is displacing conventional methods of energy generation and making the dream of carbon neutrality come true.

Source: CGTN America
Length: 56:01
Country: China
Language: English
Date: 01.11.2021