Singapore’s Power Problem: Inside Our Immense Energy Consumption | Climate Change: A Wicked Problem

Energy-hungry yet space-starved, Singapore faces big obstacles in its quest for renewables. Can the city-state really keep its pledge to reduce carbon emissions? On average, Singaporeans have higher carbon footprints than their counterparts in Beijing and Hong Kong. Power generation is responsible for almost 40% of the country’s carbon emissions. With electricity demand growing about 2-3% each year, the island nation has to contend with its twin ambitions of economic growth and climate change action. To solve this wicked problem, Dr Janil Puthucheary learns more about the limitations of solar power, while also exploring the possibilities of hydrogen and nuclear. He also tries to rewire our wasteful energy habits, such as the use of air-conditioning. Game-changing technologies like carbon capture present another way out of the carbon conundrum. But the urgency of rising temperatures and sea levels could mean that the lion city is running out of time.

Source: CNA Insider
Length: 47:49
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Date: 19.03.2021