How COVID-19 Created India’s Broken Generation Of Children

In India, one child goes missing every eight minutes. Millions end up as bonded labourers or sex slaves. Child trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation worsened due to the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic has pushed millions to a state of utter destitution - a perfect hunting ground for human traffickers who could ensnare the poor with enticements of money. India’s Broken Generation follows activists as they crack down on child traffickers and goes inside the lives of children who have been adversely impacted during the second wave – children who lost their parents to COVID or were pushed into hard labour or girls who had to drop out of school or become child brides. How will India safeguard its children affected by COVID-19?

Source: CNA Insider
Length: 48:22
Country: India
Language: English
Date: 05.10.2021