UFM Talk 04 with Michael Polle, Angela Reedwisch, Christoph Gröner, Felix Hellmann, Gabriele Scheld & Tim Seyfi

It has arrived: Our 4th UFM Talk with our guests:

  • Michael Polle (Producer, X Filme Creative Pool)
  • Angela Reedwisch (Key Account Manager, ARRI Media)
  • Christoph Gröner (Creative Director, Filmfest München)
  • Felix Hellmann (Author & Actor) and
  • Gabriele Scheld (Managing Director, La Gente - Agentur für Filmschaffende).

Hosted by Tim Seyfi.

Source: Unified Filmmakers
Length: 55:25
Country: Germany
Language: German
Date: 07.01.2021