UFM Talk 02 with Christian Becker, Dirk Wöhler, Denise Kulik, Christian Pfeil & Torsten Frehse

Ladies and gentlemen, what a better way to celebrate Christmas than with our official second UNIFIED FILMMAKERS Talk! Our guests

  • Christian Becker (General Manager & Producer, RAT PACK Filmproduktion)
  • Dirk Wöhler (President Berufsverband Discjockey e.V. & Initiator AlarmstufeRot)
  • Denise Kulik (General Manager, Comacon & Initiator Kulturstirbt)
  • Christian Pfeil (Managing Board Programmkino AG Kinoguilde) and
  • Thorsten Frehse (General Manager, Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH and Managing Board AG Verleih)

talk about the obstacles COVID-19 poses to film productions and the importance of the institution of the cinema.

Hosted by Yvonne Ernicke.

Source: Unified Filmmakers
Length: 55:21
Country: Germany
Language: German
Date: 24.12.2020