Word is virus

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The corona pandemic has made the true condition of the German society visible. Many hidden fears and a deep scepticism about a „Realpolitik“ based on constant economic rose to the top. Anger and rumours soon dominated the social media channels and produced even more fear. WORD IS VIRUS is a short movie about the ambivalent dynamic of a crisis inside a privileged western country.

Director: Mirko Borscht
Length: 04:21
Country: Germany
Language: German
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Mirko Borscht, born 20.02.1971, Cottbus, GDR. Father a car mechanic, mother a nursery school teacher. Catholic kindergarten. Polytechnic high school. Young and Thälmann pioneer. No youth dedication. No entry into the FDJ. Completion of 10th grade with "good". Apprenticeship as a tailor, discontinued. Escape to Berlin. Squatted houses, drugs, music. Fall of the Wall. Casual jobs. Social welfare. Support program for hard-to-place young people. Work as camera assistant for TV and news productions. Change to film. Camera stage, lighting, material assistance. First short film in 1992. From 1997 assistant director for indie film productions. 2004 first feature film "Kombat Sechzehn". Since 2007 productions at international theaters. Focus: film-aesthetic installations in freely accessible spaces.

Director Statement: “The word is now a virus. The flu virus may have once been a healthy lung cell. It is now a parasitic organism that invades and damages the central nervous system. Modern man has lost the option of silence. Try halting sub-vocal speech. Try to achieve even ten seconds of inner silence. You will encounter a resisting organism that forces you to talk. That organism is the word.” ― William S. Burroughs, The Ticket That Exploded

Producer: Mirko Borscht
Writer: Mirko Borscht
Cast: The Internet

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