We want to live (Honorable Mention -5 Minutes)

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Mohammed and Meiser have been living in a Bekaa camp in Lebanon for six years, where they got used to the sounds of the camp that start with the workers leaving in the morning, most of whom work in agriculture on a daily basis. However, the situation changed in the light of the Corona Virus crisis and the imposition of quarantine, where these voices disappeared for several days, and then returned with the decision of the workers to resume their daily activity before the ban is lifted, indifferent to the epidemic and its risks

Director: Mohammad Assaf, Mayzar Al-Moussa
Length: 05:00
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Mohammad Assaf: 20 years old from Syria, currently living in Bikaa, Lebanon. Photographer and short film maker. Studied Filmmaking at the Action for Hope Film School in Bikaa, Lebanon. Currently working as a journalist and reporter for Campji, an organization which works on raising awareness about refugee camps in Lebanon and spreading stories and news of individuals in the camps.

Mayzar Moussa: 24 years old from Syria, Living in Lebanon, West Bikaa. Since 2013, freelances as a photographer\videographer\content creator for short films.  Studied Filmmaking at the Action for Hope Film School.

Producer: Wafaa Dahous
Writer: Mohammad Assaf, Mayzar Al-Moussa
Cast: Mohammad Assaf