we fly, we crawl, we swim: a short film about climate justice

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The search for justice is not an individual endeavor, it is a collective practice of world-making. Haunted by past extinctions, a human being starts wondering what climate justice might look like, what its faces may be, when other beings are involved in the questioning. A cat, and many other non-human animals become present and part of the process, sharing their experiences, and moving together towards multispecies justice. The questions the film poses are as real as you (or me) are.

Director: Aron Nor
Length: 23:31
Country: Romania
Language: English
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Aron Nor is a filmmaker, researcher, and artivist. His work addresses philosophical questions regarding human-animal identities, roles, and relations. Drawing primarily from posthumanism, anti-speciesism, and the need for total liberation, his work is infused with speculative and political questions, tackling social justice issues directly.

Director Statement: We wanted the film to ask who is in and who is out of the climate justice narrative, but also more generally, why: why is justice for some, but not others? It was important for us to communicate that what is just cannot be restricted at the borders of what constitutes “the human”. The very idea of being in the position of saying what is just and who deserves it runs against the kind of justice we should strive for. Addressing power relations while seeking new horizontal relations is a never-ending process. Justice becomes a search with others, an exploration and reconfiguration of rules, norms, and practices alongside non-human and human others.

Producer: Aron Nor, M. Martelli, Mina Mimosa
Writer: M. Martelli, Aron Nor