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This is a story about an 8-year-old boy's thought process during the lockdown period.

Director: Vaidy Somasundaram
Length: 06:17
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Gold medalist in cinematography from MGR FTIT, Chennai. I have done 23 South Indian films as cinematographer. I started my career as a cinematographer doing TV serials. I have done more than 35 TV serials and short films in Malayalam and Tamil. I have won the Kerala state best cinematographer award for the Malayalam short film ‘Seethakattu’. I have directed the TV serial ‘Perazhagi’ for Color TV Tamil channel. From 2004, I am working as the DOP in the film industry.

Director Statement: ViRUS narrates the story of eight-year-old boy AARAV's fear during this lockdown period of 2020. This short film analyses psychologically how breaking news tenses and suspense music of a television channel disturbs him. Watch this thriller till the end credit.

Producer: Vaidy Somasundaram
Writer: Vaidy Somasundaram
Cast: Abinandhan, Adharsh

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