Ratul, a young boy in Bangladesh, is magically shown two very different visions of the future. In the first scenario, Bangladesh has been inundated by rising sea levels, causing great suffering; in the second scenario, fossil fuels have been replaced by renewable energy, and Bangladesh is prosperous. The purpose of this film is to teach children about fossil fuels and climate change.

Director: Mohammad Shihab Uddin
Length: 25:27
Country: Bangladesh
Language: English
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Mohammad Shihab Uddin is a Bangladeshi animation filmmaker and Director. He directed the `Tomorrow` animated short film and created the `Shahana` series for UNFPA Bangladesh. He also worked in `Meena’ films for UNICEF as Production Manager and Creative Director. He has worked in various animation studios over the last 16 years.

Director Statement: I want to make Animated films, and I think this is the best way to express myself. There is nothing so enjoyable to me but making Animated films for a purpose and making awareness. It is a wonderful tool to dive into a beautiful world without the boundary.

Producer: Kazi Zahin Hasan
Writer: Ahmed Khan Hirok, Nasimul Hasan
Cast: Fraser MacLean, Trina Ahmed, Ben Swimmer, Devin Leigh