To survive (Genre Award – Best Newcomer)

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A true story about a young woman who is Uganda's youngest chairperson in the history of women in politics. She decided to prepare prridge druing the lockdwon due to COVID-19 to reduce hunger among her community members.

Director: Ruth Nazzinda
Length: 7:35
Country: Uganda
Language: Various
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Ruth Nazzinda is a passionate Ugandan filmmaker and a professional journalist. She has worked with 100.2 Galaxy FM radio for over 4 years, studied film production at University of Cape Town, South Africa, in 2018 and Journalism and Mass Communication at Buganda Royal Institute Uganda in 2013. Currently a volunteer film tutor at Ola Visualz film production. Ruth has worked on different film projects including Out from the dark short documentary as the director, writer, its about women`s mental health in 2019, it gained recognition from different FILM festivals The African Film Festival #TAFF 2019 Dallas USA, finalist at FlickFare online film festival California, Africa Film For Impact film festival Nigeria. Her second film project was To survive documentary worked as the director and writer its a lockdown film made in 2020 gained recognitions in The African Film Festival 2021, The virus of hate film festival 2020 USA, Sheffield short film festive UK 2021, Village Art & Film Festival 2020 Nigeria, Best directors awards 2021 London, International Tourism Film Festival - Africa S.A. Directed a Documentary called Frida the Cleaner and Beyond Career as the director of photography at University of Cape town South Africa for the department of students career guidance.

Director Statement: I directed and wrote this documentary film, "To Survive", after witnessing my old school friend, who is Uganda's youngest chairperson in one of Uganda's slum ghetto areas of Kabalagala-Kampala with a population of over 2000 low-income earners, who work to eat or hand to mouth. She was trying so hard to make her community members get a meal during the COVID-19 pandemic period after the government of Uganda announced a total lockdown and everything was restricted and it become a quarantine of misery. Nanvuma Caroline did not have enough money to cater for them all her community members and she as well still staying at her parents’ house quarters but she decided to start preparing porridge for them in the evening by using her own little money to make the community members survive with at least a cup of porridge in their stomach than dying of hunger which is better than zero. Through all the hardships of getting sugar, firewood to prepare the porridge and not forgetting the social distance measures Carol is trying so hard to endure them to make her community people have a meal and proud because they trusted her and elected her to represent them and the village. After witnessing all that i had to make her proud of herself that we have many rich leaders mostly the politicians like her in the country but many failed to give back to their communities but she did because she has a heart of giving. It very rare in Africa/Uganda to find politicians giving back to their community members with a joyful heart like Carol yet she is a young woman in politics.

Producer: OLa Visualz
Writer: Nazzinda Ruth
Cast: Nanvuma Caroline