Time to be a Boy

A post quarantine short documentary reflecting upon the need to take some time to discover one's self through the hard times we're living.

Director: Antonio Aleixo
Length: 03:27
Country: Portugal
Language: English
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Awarded by the Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Award 2019 for best short documentary amongst others before, I’m a storyteller at heart with a sharp eye for rhythm and emotions. I live to inspire others and take pride in realising that, from film to film, I become better at what I do. I have a thorough experience leading teams in film production and working below and above the line, I'm comfortable with the workflow from pre to post and most of all, I love what I do.

Director Statement: I like to take my time with things and I like my films to have a life of their own. I didn't plan ahead making a film about quarantine. To be honest I just decided to take a camera on a roadtrip with my wife. Only after I started shooting was it that my reflections on the moment I was living came to life. In the end the process was very similar to many other films of mine. I like to express my feelings through film and portrait to the best of my ability, what I feel about the world around me.

Writer: Antonio Aleixo, Conrad Harvey