The Shack (3rd Place Jury Award 5-20 Minutes)

“The Shack” is a film about a shack telling the world about its frustrations and the poor man who is living in it.

Director: Tebogo Chologi
Length: 07:13
Country: South Africa
Language: Tswana
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Statement: THE SHACK is a story about a SHACK, who is telling a story about BUTI’s daily life amidst his daily struggles in the immediate and greater environment he lives in, more especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. THE SHACK is telling the story of BUTI who is staying in THE SHACK. THE SHACK is a frustrated SHACK situated in a densely populated South African informal settlement wherein many hardships are encountered daily whereby THE SHACK is explaining the hardships that BUTI experiences daily; that are the hardships of scarce income, limited access to water, limited access to sanitary conditions, limited access to better work opportunities, and limited access to proper and enough food. THE SHACK is frustrated that BUTI is working daily but yet has no income to show for his work and his subsequent suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic and having to enroll for a food parcel to sustain him during the pandemic. He explains how BUTI is worried that the world is cruel, especially the rich who exploits the poor and their plight for survival. THE SHACK is frustrated that SHACKS are continuously degraded in the world, yet, they provide basic shelter.

Producer: Tebogo Chologi
Writer: Tebogo Chologi
Cast: Tebogo Chologi

Making Of