The Second Wave

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Our future comes now and in the next second - like waves; while photography stays at the depth where the wave no longer moves the water particles. This depth is equal to about one half the distance between me and my grandfather. The distance between us is called a wavelength.

Director: Maria Stoianova
Length: 05:29
Country: Ukraine
Language: Ukranian
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Maria Stoianova is a Kyiv-based independent filmmaker. After finishing her education with MA in Cultural Studies (Kyiv) and MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology (Budapest), she worked in different positions within the Ukrainian film industry. She has directed and edited several short documentaries, among which is the award-winning film Ma (2017) that was screened at Ji.hlava IDFF, Open City Documentary Festival, Astra FF and many others.

Cast: Maria Stoianova

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