The Pitch (1st Place Audience Award 5-20 Minutes)

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages theater industries around the world, three real-life dramatists must outwit one another to win a rare commission to stage a musical.

Director: Ken Kwek
Length: 22:34
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: KEN KWEK is an award-winning screenwriter and director. His credits include Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (2013) and UNLUCKY PLAZA (2014), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won Best Director at the Tehran Jasmine Film Festival. His music video You Can’t Touch Me Now was nominated for Best Comedy at the L.A Music Video Awards in 2019.

Director Statement: The Pitch is both a mockumentary and a tribute to the world's stage artists. My aim was to create a time capsule of Singapore's theater industry in July 2020, when the rest of the country was coming out of a two-month lockdown but theaters were forced to stay shut--with both painful and hilarious consequences.

Producer: Adrian Pang, Ivan Heng, Gaurav Kripalani
Writer: Ken Kwek, Adrian Pang
Cast: Adrian Pang, Ivan Heng, Gaurav Kripalani

Making Of