The Mission (3rd Place Audience Award 5-20 Minutes)

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Mine, an overambitious mother, has missed uploading her daughter's homework on time. She only has 20 minutes left. That wouldn't be a problem if her daughter had done the homework. Time is short, so Mine tries to solve the problem herself. No chance, this rule of three is quite a challenge. So Mine decides to steal the exercise book from a classmate, which brings the boy's mother onto the scene. After all, she's been struggling with these tasks all morning, and now Mine just wants to copy it out? It is shortly before 12 o'clock the nerves are on edge and the situation threatens to escalate.

Director: Marianna Ölmez
Length: 11:36
Country: Germany
Language: German
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Producer: Marianna Ölmez
Writer: Marianna Ölmez
Cast: Agnes Kiyomi Decker, Christl Sittenauer, Adrian Eßer, Talia Bohner