The Inside (Genre Award – Best LGBTQ+)

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With the arrival of an order, the quarantine of the lonely Perci is transformed.

Director: Márcio Masselli, Alice Stamato
Length: 06:37
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Márcio Masselli "The Inside" Screenplay and Directing Fiction (6 min) 2020 - São Paulo Production Lombada Filmes Alice Stamato: "São Paulo Closet Project" Screenplay and Direction Documentary (20 min) 2018 - São Paulo Production Grão Fino Filmes A short film about the LGBTQ+ migration to the city of São Paulo. Contemplated by the Edital de Curtas Spcine 2018 Mix Brasil Festival of Culture of Diversity 2018 Mostra Sesc de Cinema - 2019 14 Taguatinga Festival - 2019 DIGO - International Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity of Goiás - 2019.

Producer: Márcio Masselli, Alice Stamato
Writer: Márcio Masselli, Alice Stamato
Cast: Clayton Nascimento, Márcio Masselli

Making Of