The Best and Worst of Us

A short documentary film about Armand Hough, a photojournalist from Cape Town South Africa, who documented lockdown for the local newspapers whilst simultaneously exposing the realities of what was going on during this time via his Instagram. Made from a combination of footage shot with him over the course of two days as well as his own visual material captured on his mobile phone throughout lockdown and stills he took with his camera, as well as footage sent to him via WhatsApp groups.

Director: Jasyn Howes
Length: 16:24
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Jasyn Howes is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa. He has shot, directed, edited and produced numerous short films, documentaries and commercial works around the world. His interests lay in human centred narratives.

Producer: Jasyn Howes, Anna Telford
Cast: Armand Hough

Making Of