Boom Peng Pengsioners

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The crazy trip of a German pensioner couple who have been quarantined on a cruise ship during the first days of the coronavirus outbreak. Gerda (Petra Blossey) and Jürgen Martin (Hans-Jochen Röhrig) suffer from all the negative news and the temptation of conspiracy theory.

Director: Can Tanyol
Length: 07:00
Country: Germany
Language: German
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography:

Can Tanyol was born in Hamburg. The son of Turkish-German parents studied French Literature and Linguistics at the University of Hamburg. But nevertheless, he decided to pursuit his passion of filmmaking and started to study Directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. During his studies he worked as a personal assistant to Fatih Akin for three months within the project "The Golden Glove".
Can is currently working with a major German broadcast network and he is developing his first feature film.

Director Statement:

I wrote the script at the Film University Babelsberg in February 2020. Filming took place on the 4th and 5th of March 2020, only a few days before the first lockdown in Germany. It felt like a nightmare and our film became reality. People we know became sick and we started to get scared while shooting the film.
Only a few days later, the whole world went into lockdown.
Every time I have worked on "PENGSIONISTEN" since, I felt the huge power of filmmaking for me as a person and in our democracy. I was motivated to continue asking questions on how fear divides our society.
This film helped me to survive the 2020 pandemic.

Producer: Jacob Sauermilch, Can Tanyol, Carl Seifert
Writer: Can Tanyol
Cast: Petra Blossey, Hans-Jochen Röhrig