Open Doors

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Without leaving their homes, 10 young artists and youth leaders from 10 countries around the world, share their fears, realizations and actions to educate the world and be an inspiration during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Director: Breech Asher Harani
Length: 05:00
Country: Philippines
Language: Various
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: BREECH ASHER HARANI is a filmmaker from Davao De Oro, Philippines. He became the first Filipino to win an award at the International Emmys by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the only Filipino honored by FORBES Asia for the '30 Under 30' Arts 2020.

Director Statement: The COVID-19 Pandemic really affected all walks of life in this world. But as humans, though we fear the situation, it is undeniable that we can always find hope in times of struggles and uncertainties. It is hope that keeps us moving forward. Young people around the world are doing their part to create positive contribution on affected communities and play a huge role in bringing changes in the future. This short film highlights 10 young people from 10 countries in different fields expressing their feelings and health concerns that affects their well being and the actions they made, no matter how big or small in following health protocols and uniting the world against this crisis.

Producer: Breech Asher Harani, Ace June Rell Perez, Gisela Perez, Jojo Xie, Alejandro Gonzales-Permingeat, Ernesto Ferreira, Ioana Vatamanu-Margineanu, Funke Alafiatayo, Nurlan Jahangirli, Mariyam Yasmin Baagil
Writer: Breech Asher Harani