OK, Karen (2nd Place Jury Award 5-20 Minutes)

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Karen just wants to take care of Letícia...

Director: Hugo L. V. e Oliveira
Length: 14:49
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Hugo L. V. e Oliveira is a brazilian screenwriter and director based in São Paulo. A college dropout, now he has different projects with different partners in the audiovisual world, that range from shorts to webseries and features, always focusing on manageable budgets, sharp dialogue and a strong narrative.

Director Statement: “Ok, Karen” is a short film made in a shoestring budget, shot in twelve hours with a group of partners, that came from a true necessity of telling a different brand of story in a pandemic scenary. The pandemy, COVID-19, is ever present in the short, but above all, the technology dependency, the mental state of oneself and the state of paranoia, is what attracted us the most on such a project.

Producer: Hugo L. V. e Oliveira, Yago Nauan
Writer: Hugo L. V. e Oliveira
Cast: Camila Ferrazzano, Lays Bezerra

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